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1. Select some text

2. Click the Down Arrow on the Highlighting Box (its in the Formatting Toolbar – which should be open). Select whichever color you’d like. I recommend Bright Green or Gray for Papered teams (they print the best) and Yellow for Paperless teams (easiest to read from the computer).

3. It should have highlighted the text you previously selected. Press Control+Z to reverse this. The Highlight Button should still be colored with the shade you selected.

4. Click “Tools”, then “Macros”, then “Record New Macro”

5. Name it “Highlight” and Assign to Keyboard

6. Pick any shortcut key you'd like. I recommend an unused F-key. I personally use F7.

7. Make sure you save changes in your template -- if you want the Macro to be generally available when you do debate work.

8. Recording will now begin. Manually click the Highlight button once. Then click the "Stop Recording" button (looks like a square).

9. File-Save and you’re done!

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