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11/30/2009 5:28 PM by

I’m happy to congratulated Dr. Ed Panetta, Director of Debate, for being a winner of one of this year’s Sandy Beaver Excellence in Teaching Awards.

The award is given annually to faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching, a sustained commitment to high-quality instruction, and who are particularly engaged in undergraduate teaching. The award is prestigious (only five are awarded in the Franklin College) and comes with a monetary prize!

A list of previous winners can be found here.

11/19/2009 1:39 PM by

The discussion about judge choice has been pretty interesting. To consolidate and improve the dicussion, I've created a new thread with a summary of my main responses to critics. Full read within.

Also - the picture I've chosen for this post has nothing to do with its content -- I just think its pretty sweet.

11/18/2009 11:53 AM by

In the debate community, we are starting to see a substantial transition to paperless debate. Unfortunately, many people in the community think paperless wastes time, delays debates, and gives an unfair advantage to the paperless team. However, teams that debate with paper can easily use the advantages paperless debate offers to maximize their ability to win more debates. Since the transition to paperless is occurring so rapidly, it is necessary that debaters utilize the advantages that paperless offers to the opposing teams.

11/18/2009 09:18 AM by Ed Panetta

Oscar Handlin proffered this challenge over a half a century ago:  Our troubled planet can no longer afford the luxury of pursuits confined to an ivory tower.  Scholarship has to prove its worth, not on its own terms, but by service to the nation and the world.  As we experience what some have labeled the third academic revolution in American higher education, universities look to meet the increasing demands of political relevance and accountability (Bergstrom and Bullis, 1999, p. 25).   Current domestic public policy concerns include: an inferior educational experience for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade, a degraded environment, rural and urban poverty, inadequate health care, and a compromised Social Security System.

The intercollegiate debate program is an ideal vehicle to provide an engaged form of scholarship.  Service learning is an educational experience that affords students the opportunity to apply what is learned in formal academic environments in community settings. 

11/18/2009 08:00 AM by

The introduction of paperless debating risks upsetting the current structure of reciprocal norm compliance as it creates new incentives for both paperless and paper teams to take actions that are in their favor at the detriment of their competitors.

11/13/2009 10:19 PM by

I try to keep up with the ongoing digitization of offline research materials.  For debaters, this isn't such a big issue because of the premium placed on the recency of evidence.  But the dependence on Google News, regular search engines, and Lexis can cause debaters to miss important information.

11/11/2009 12:53 AM by

In debates that take place between policy teams and project teams, one central sticking point tends to be over the merits of switch side debate in our activity. How do the goals of Project debating interact with the ideals and practices of what is commonly known as “switch side debate”?

11/10/2009 9:35 PM by

You might think that novice debate is about basic argumentation, the structure of the debate, and basic rules of the game.  While all those things are important, you will never believe the things that require explanation...

11/10/2009 01:41 AM by

Until now, locked PDFs were the second most annoying card cutting obstacle (after Google Books' security). With this simple tool, they're easily defeated. More inside.

11/09/2009 2:31 PM by

Is it enough to argue that the US should reduce the size of its nuclear arsenal without addressing logistical questions about how this process should occur? An Independent Task Force Report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and chaired by former secretary of defense William J. Perry and former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft points out, “Reducing and eliminating nuclear weapons means considerably more than transferring deployed nuclear warheads from military units to a secure storage facility.

11/08/2009 1:46 PM by

Files "losing" their macros after electronic transfer? Solution inside.

11/07/2009 3:59 PM by

This post is John Turner's response to Harrigan's theory of "judge-choice", presented in this post at Georgia Debate and discussed further by Bill Batterman at the 3NR.

11/05/2009 12:55 AM by

One of the most significant problems we considered when Georgia went paperless was how to organize the sheer number of files produced over the course of a season.  How would we integrate backfiles and updates to already existing files through the course of the year?  It was hard enough to make sure everyone had the most recent Politics or Economy files when we could physically hand them a copy, and we thought it would be even harder when there were digital files being Dropboxed to multiple teams. 

11/05/2009 12:07 AM by

Mowing down the worst of debate: first the consult CP, now the representation critique. Introducing "Judge Choice", your Aff's new best friend.

11/04/2009 3:06 PM by

Paperless debate has benefits beyond administrative and budget considerations. It is also a massive competitive boost for a debate team. Full argument after the jump.

11/02/2009 10:42 PM by

On October 15, the University Student Union at UGA hosted a public debate between Michael Waldman and Andrew Napolitano on the issue of abortion.  Waldman, who was Director of Speechwriting for President Clinton from 1995-1999, advocated abortion rights and Napolitano, former judge and law professor turned FOX News judicial analyst, advocated a ban on abortion.  As part of our public service and outreach mission, Dr. Ed Panetta, Director of the Georgia Debate Union, moderated the debate. Video after the jump.