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11/08/2009 1:46 PM by
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Props to Adam Symonds for his paperless tech fix.

UGA had been having issues where files transferred electronically (via Dropbox or email) were "losing" their macros -- the user on the recieving end couldn't "Send to Speech", etc.

Well, there is a fix over at the Paperless Debate Wikispace.



Problem: Someone from your team sends you a file made in your squad's template but when you open it all the macros aren't working. The toolbar is gone.

Solution: Put the template in the Word STARTUP folder. This is a permanent fix - in fact there is no need to put a copy in the Templates folder. If you drop your template in this folder, the tool bar will always appear, the files produced with the template will definitely have the macro hotkeys working, AND the macros for sending the blocks from your file to your speech document will work. This is the intended location for interoperability of a single template across an entire organization.

In Vista that folder is located here: C:/Users/(Your User/Profile Name)/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP
In XP that folder is located here: C:/Documents and Settings/(Your User/Profile Name)/Application Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP

If you don't find the STARTUP folder in the locations listed above, you can locate the exact folder that your computer is using as the Word Startup folder by doing the following:
In Word 2003: Go to Tools --> Options --> File Locations, Select the STARTUP option, then hit Modify.
In Word 2007: Do Everything Button --> Word Options --> Advanced, scroll way down to the bottom, hit File Locations Button, then select the STARTUP option, then hit Modify.

From the following dialogue box, you can use the Drop Down menu to see the exact location of your Word STARTUP folder.

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