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11/13/2009 10:19 PM by
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I try to keep up with the ongoing digitization of offline research materials.  For debaters, this isn't such a big issue because of the premium placed on the recency of evidence.  But the dependence on Google News, regular search engines, and Lexis can cause debaters to miss important information. 

Arguments that are less subject to recency issues, like the Kritik, performance, and the Project also widen the field debaters need to cover in their preparation.  As I come across useful resources for finding digitized offline content, I'll add them to the blog.

I recently came across this complete list of the magazines that have been indexed by Google Books.  You can browse them by cover art or as a list in alphabetical order, they're searchable, and you can sort the lists and results Full View, Limited View, and Public Domain to narrow your searches.

Looking through the old copies of Life magazine is a worthwhile enterprise, even if there isn't any evidence in them.  They're another way of reading history.  Oh, and you can catch up on back issues of American Cowboy, in case they didn't get forwarded when you moved.

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