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Now that you’ve decided that the politics disad should be in every negative block, where should it go? Some people would say that politics should always be in the 2NC. Some would say that it should always be in the 1NR. When making your decision, consider the following:

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The University of Georgia team of Austin Layton and Mike Lacy has been awarded a first round at-large bid to the 2011 National Debate Tournament, to be held in Dallas, TX in March.

Recognizing UGA LL as one of the 16 top two-person debate teams in the country, recieving a "first round" is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in policy debate. Voted on by coaches around the country, the bid automatically qualifies the team for the NDT.

Layton, sophomore (UGA '13), and Lacy, junior (UGA '12) put together a solid season-long performance, including advancing to the quarter-finals of the University of Kentucky tournament in February.

Other UGA teams will be attempting to qualify for the NDT at the district tournament, next weekend in Atlanta, GA.

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Writing and defending the affirmative plan can be a tricky enterprise, but it is just as important as choosing a good affirmative. There are some effective ways of disrupting key negative counterplan options though...