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03/09/2011 2:58 PM by
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The Georgia Debate Union and the UGA Department of Communication Studies will be hosting a session called Public Speaking and Leadership Training for the 21st Century at the UGA-Duke Tip Scholar Weekend on April 16-17. About eighteen students in the Duke TIP high school program will learn about self-presentation, advocacy, communication, and leadership in our program.

The following is our course description:

"Whether you want to lead a student group, give a presentation in class, or simply change a friend’s mind about an important issue, your ability to think critically and speak publicly are your most important tools. In this course, you will examine the role of reasoning and evidence in speeches and arguments, and develop the communication skills essential for future success in your school, career and life. Learn to research and analyze the issues, improve your listening and presentation skills, and discover techniques to help you reduce speech anxiety. You’ll leave this course better prepared for any public communication, from oral reports to formal debates to college interviews."

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