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09/25/2013 7:45 PM by Hays Watson
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The Georgia Debate Union's season began this past weekend at Georgia State University. An extremely competitive tournament with close to 100 teams in the varsity division alone, Georgia State saw many Georgia debate teams start the season on a very strong note. 

The team of Shyam Shanker (senior) and Will Caplan (sophomore) were the 23rd seed in the elimination rounds, losing a rasor-close debate to a talented team from Georgetown. Their prelimination round victories included wins over Houston (featuring a former NDT champion), Michigan State, Kansas and multiple teams from Georgetown.

The team of Robert Galerstein (sophomore) and Maggie Davis (junior) were the 29th seed in the elimination rounds, losing a tough debate to a Kansas team that had just made the finals of the UMKC tournament.  Their prelimination round victories included wins over Michigan, Harvard, Wake Forest, and Dartmouth.  

As a collective unit, the Georgia Debate Union's 5 varsity teams finished with an overall winning record and two teams qualifying for the eliminat rounds.  That doesn't even include the successes of our junior varsity debaters over the weekend as well.

Georgia State was a strong start to the season and the team looks forward to carrying that momentum to our next tournament at the University of Kentucky.  Go Dawgs!