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04/04/2018 1:31 PM by Hays Watson
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The teams of Advait Ramanan/Swapnil Agrawal and Nathan Rice/Johnnie Stupek both earned first round "at large" bids to the 72nd National Debate Tournament recently held at Wichita State University.

The first round voting was recently released and both teams finished in the top 14 teams in the country.  It is the first time in the history of the Georgia Debate Union that two UGA teams have earned first round bids in the same year.

The voting results can be found here:,7260.msg15755.html#msg15755

Both teams cleared to the elimination rounds of the NDT, the first time UGA has had two teams in elims of the NDT since 2003.

UGA's third team - Alyssa Hoover and Tripp Haskins - also qualifed to the NDT, the first time UGA qualified 3 teams to the tournament since 2009.  They were ranked as the 5th third team (only 6 third teams can qualify).