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UGA has a growing squad of talented debaters, with varying degrees of high school and college policy debate experience.

Amy is the current president of the debate team and a senior studying Public Relations and International Affairs. Amy debated for four years at Sequoyah High School. In her college debate career, she has qualified to the elimination rounds of several tournaments, including being a finalist at the Liberty University tournament.

Cara is a Senior from Johns Creek, GA. She is majoring in Finance and minoring in Spanish. She’s cleared at several debate tournaments, including finals of the Vanderbilt Debate Tournament. Cara attended Chattahoochee High School where she qualified both her junior and senior year to the Tournament of Champions. She loves to travel and hopes to pursue a career in international finance.

Maggie is a 4th year from Johns Creek, Georgia who debated for four years at Chattahoochee High School.  She is majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Maggie debated in national elimination rounds and at the Tournament of Champions her junior and senior years at Chattahoochee; in college, she has debated in elimination rounds and qualified to the National Debate Tournament. Maggie is the current Vice President of the Georgia Debate Union.  She plans to pursue law.

I am a junior doing my third year of debate. I major in International Affairs & Political Science, and am minoring in Comparative Literature. I plan on using my political interests to attend grad school and ultimately work in or with the federal government.  

I attended the NDT my first two years, and have won elimination rounds at the Wake Forest and Northwestern tournaments. I used to debate at Dunwoody High School, and took a new program to the Tournament of Champions twice. 

My favorite hobbies/interests are the following -- all Atlanta sports (& UGA football), science fiction (movies, books, comics, cartoons), frisbee, and Nintendo games (mainly Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart).

Chetan will be a third year debater at the University of Georgia, majoring in Microbiology and Economics. He's cleared and received speaker awards at several debate tournaments, including the quarterfinals at UT-Dallas and the finals at Liberty University. He attended Johns Creek High School where he qualified their first team to the Tournament of Champions and received a speaker award

Kristin is a junior majoring in History, Anthropology, Psychology, and Linguistics. She plans to attend law school to practice environmental or human rights law. Or maybe teach. Or maybe get her masters in any of the previously listed majors. She debated for four years at Sequoyah High School, making this her seventh year of debate. Kristin works as a teaching assistant at the university and volunteers with Students for Environmental Action and Anthropology Society in her spare time.

Tucker Boyce is a sophomore from Alpharetta majoring in Economics and minoring in French. He is interested in foreign travel and international relations. He and Amy Feinberg went 4-2 at the Southeast District Tournament last February.

Aaron, aka AJ, is from Atlanta, Georgia. He debated as for four years at North Atlanta High School. He is a sophomore broadcast journalism major pursuing a certificate in New Media. He's a big fan of critical theory and philosophy.  

Katie is a first year, originally from Calhoun, Georgia, where she debated for four years. She is currently majoring in business management, minoring in communication studies, and pursuing a certificate in music business. In her free time, Katie enjoys writing, running, painting, and watching obscene amounts of Netflix.

Jake is a freshman at the University of Georgia, studying Political Science. He debated for 4 years at Johns Creek High School. During his time debating at Johns Creek, he reached elimination rounds at national tournaments such as the NDCA, University of Michigan and University of Kentucky. 

Cameron Henderson is a first year debater at the University of Georgia and he debated for four years at Houston County High School. Cameron is majoring in International Affairs and plans on living in Washington DC to work in politics. His hobbies include watching Netflix, playing video games, and cooking/baking. Cameron has made it to the elimination rounds of national tournaments such as the University of Kentucky and Chattahoochee. He was also the recipient of the Steve Stein award for excellence during the 2013-2014 debate season.

Flora Patel is a first year at the University of Georgia and she debated at Houston County High School for the past four years. She is currently majoring in international affairs with a minor in political science. She plans to go onto law school and then Washington D.C. to work in politics. In Flora's free time she enjoys reading, netflixing and dancing.

I'm a first year, debated for three years and Cairo High School, my major is political science, and I plan on practicing law (more specifically a mediator for corporations). I skateboard, play ultimate frisbee, and write poetry.

Victoria Yonter is a first-year debater from Marshfield, MO, where she did 4 years of lay debate for Marshfield High School. Continuing as the math nerd she was in high school, Victoria is now a math and economics double-major. She is honored to be a part of the Foundation Fellowship program at UGA and is also involved in Roosevelt Institute, MathCounts Outreach, and Econ Society. Her hobbies outside of debate include baking, playing piano, and napping.