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10/11/2018 2:28 PM by Hays Watson

As of this week, UGA is ranked first in all three college debate organizational rankings - the American Debate Association, the Cross-Examination Debate Association, and the National Debate tournament - ahead of Harvard, Wake Forest, Emory, Michigan, Northwestern, among hundreds of other institutions.

You can read more about the debate team's fantastic start to the year here:

Go Dawgs! 

04/24/2017 11:01 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union just concluded its 2016-17 season and it can be considered a huge success.

In the end of the year rankings, the Georgia Debate Union finished ranked 3rd, 7th, and 8th amongst the college policy debate organization rankings.  

UGA placed third in the American Debate Association varsity rankings, 7th in the National Debate Tournament varsity rankings, and 8th in the Cross Examination Debate Association rankings.  

Teams representing the Georgia Debate Union won four tournaments over the season, including victories at tournaments hosted by Samford University, Liberty University, the University of Miami, and the US Naval Academy.

Teams from the Georgia Debate Union also placed third at the American Debate Association national championship tournament and the Lafayette Debates, an annual event held at George Washington University and sponsored by the French Embassy.

The Georgia Debate Union also qualified teams for the 28th consecutive year to the National Debate Tournament.  Teams representing the Georgia Debate Union reached the elimination rounds of the NDT for the third consecutive year.  

In addition to the team's collective success, members of the Georgia Debate Union saw individual successes as well in the form of various speaker awards, coaching awards, and service recognition.

The future of the Georgia Debate Union is quite bright - go Dawgs! 

02/29/2016 08:16 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union qualified two teams to the 2016 National Debate Tournament, which will be held in Binghamton, NY.

The teams of Advait Ramanan and Swapnil Agrawal and Tucker Boyce and Nathan Rice finished first and second at the Southeast CEDA District tournament, which qualified both to the NDT.  

10/19/2015 3:21 PM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union emerged victorious at the 2015 Vanderbilt intercollegiate debate tournament, which was recently held from October 16-18 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The tournament featured over 50 teams from nearly 20 colleges and universities.

11/13/2014 4:42 PM by Hays Watson

The team of Amy Feinberg (Canton, GA; public relations and international affairs) and Tucker Boyce (Alpharetta, GA; economics) recently won the Liberty University debate tournament in Lynchburg, Virginia.  

They defeated teams from Florida, West Georgia, Wake Forest, and Georgetown on their way to the championship.

09/25/2013 7:45 PM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union's season began this past weekend at Georgia State University. An extremely competitive tournament with close to 100 teams in the varsity division alone, Georgia State saw many Georgia debate teams start the season on a very strong note. 

07/09/2013 09:24 AM by Hays Watson

The NDT sweepstakes rankings were recently released and the Georgia Debate Union finished in the Top 20 schools from around the country.   Thanks in part to tremendous year-long success - at both the varsity and junior varsity levels - the Georgia Debate Union was able to improve its overall ranking and accumulate 75 more sweepstakes points than the prior year.

03/04/2013 2:53 PM by

Results for the 2013 Bulldog Debates, we had over 100 teams competing from 5 different states...

03/02/2013 8:28 PM by

Pairings and Breakfast in the MLC, second floor atrium at 7:45 am. Pairings will be posted online at 7:30.

02/19/2013 6:39 PM by

After a strong first semester, UGA debate heads into the home stretch on top of the Southeast. Click on the link to see our official newsletter. 

03/03/2012 8:56 PM by

Pairings at 7 am, 2nd floor of the MLC. Breakfast provided.

02/14/2011 9:37 PM by

The University of Georgia team of Austin Layton and Mike Lacy has been awarded a first round at-large bid to the 2011 National Debate Tournament, to be held in Dallas, TX in March.

Recognizing UGA LL as one of the 16 top two-person debate teams in the country, recieving a "first round" is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in policy debate. Voted on by coaches around the country, the bid automatically qualifies the team for the NDT.

Layton, sophomore (UGA '13), and Lacy, junior (UGA '12) put together a solid season-long performance, including advancing to the quarter-finals of the University of Kentucky tournament in February.

Other UGA teams will be attempting to qualify for the NDT at the district tournament, next weekend in Atlanta, GA.

01/25/2011 5:37 PM by

A few judges provided written comments on their debates at the University of Georgia college debate tournament, held on the UGA campus MLK weekend (Jan 15-17). I'm sure the coaches of affected teams will find them helpful -- so we decided to post them publicly.

03/29/2010 3:30 PM by

The Georgia Debate Union had a very strong finish to the 2009-2010 debate season at the National Debate Tournament in Berkeley, CA. UGA CL (Brittany Cambre & Mike Lacy) finished as an Octafinalist and had a 6-2 record in the preliminary rounds, including wins over the University of Texas, the University of Kansas, Wake Forest University, and Trinity University.

03/08/2010 2:59 PM by

Results for the 2010 Bulldog Debates are now available.

Elim results are at the bottom of the documents.

04/07/2007 9:41 PM by

In 2006-2007 Intercollegiate Debate Season the University of Georgia debate team won the prestigious Copeland Award, given to the best team in the U.S. during the course of the season. Read the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences news article about the team's unprecedented success.