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03/13/2019 2:56 PM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union won the American Debate Associaiton national championship tournament, held at UGA, this past weekend.

More information about the team's historic accomplishment can be found here:

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03/06/2019 7:32 PM by Hays Watson

Congratulations to Georgia HH - Alyssa Hoover and Tripp Haskins - for securing a bid as the third UGA team to qualify for the 2019 National Debate Tournament!

01/24/2019 3:35 PM by Hays Watson

Seniors Swapnil Agrawal and Advait Ramanan won the Herbert James Debates at Dartmouth College.

You can read more about their accomplishment here:

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01/02/2019 2:49 PM by Hays Watson

UGA's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has produced a great story about the Georgia Debate Union's successful fall semester and the team's ultimate goals for the spring! 

12/25/2018 12:28 PM by Hays Watson

UGA's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has recognized the success of the Georgia Debate Union in 2018 - read about it here (along with the other successes at UGA):

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11/12/2018 07:48 AM by Hays Watson

Gotta love the great press from the local paper!

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10/11/2018 2:28 PM by Hays Watson

As of this week, UGA is ranked first in all three college debate organizational rankings - the American Debate Association, the Cross-Examination Debate Association, and the National Debate tournament - ahead of Harvard, Wake Forest, Emory, Michigan, Northwestern, among hundreds of other institutions.

You can read more about the debate team's fantastic start to the year here:

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07/11/2018 9:09 PM by Hays Watson

The University of Georgia will be debating at the 2018 Kentucky Round Robin:

05/13/2018 08:16 AM by Hays Watson

The Digital Debate Camp provides instruction for Cross-examination Policy, Lincoln-Douglass, and Public Forum debate. We strategically tailor student interaction to create unique programs ideal for all expertise levels from the young novice to the seasoned veteran.

04/04/2018 1:31 PM by Hays Watson

The teams of Advait Ramanan/Swapnil Agrawal and Nathan Rice/Johnnie Stupek both earned first round "at large" bids to the 72nd National Debate Tournament recently held at Wichita State University.

The first round voting was recently released and both teams finished in the top 14 teams in the country.  It is the first time in the history of the Georgia Debate Union that two UGA teams have earned first round bids in the same year.

03/15/2018 5:18 PM by Hays Watson

For the first time in the Georgia Debate Union's history, two teams representing UGA received first-round at-large bids to the National Debate Tournament.

02/07/2018 09:03 AM by Hays Watson

Our annual high school tournament, the Bulldog Debates, will be held in Athens, GA from March 9-11.

01/30/2018 11:03 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union has started off 2018 with a bang, finishing in the top 10 of every tournament we've attended since the start of the New Year!

12/04/2017 12:44 PM by Hays Watson

The team of Advait Ramanan and Swapnil Agrawal recently received an invitation to the prestigious Dartmouth Round Robin, which is held every January in Hanover, New Hampshire.

They are one of 7 teams invited, competing against teams from Harvard, Northwestern, Emory, Kansas, Kentucky, and UNLV.

10/16/2017 10:37 AM by Hays Watson

Teams from the Georgia Debate Union have started the 2017-18 season on a very strong note, with teams earning top 10 finishes at each of the first three tournaments, including a victory at the Vanderbilt tournament.

06/01/2017 11:31 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union has partnered with the Digital Debate Camp to expand access and opportunities for high school debaters within and beyond the state of Georgia.  It services high school policy, public forum, and Lincoln-Douglas debate formats.  

The Digital Debate Camp, created by Georgia Debate Union assistant coach and PhD Candidate in Communication Studies Steven Murray, is an online debate camp aimed at lowering entry barriers for students who want the benefits of debate camp but who struggle to afford the cost of attending.

More information about the Digital Debate Camp can be found here:

10/19/2016 09:09 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union earned first and third place at the Samford University debate tournament, which was held in Birmingham, Alabama October 14-16.

09/27/2016 11:59 AM by Hays Watson

Edward Panetta, department chair and professor of communication studies at the University of Georgia, shares his thoughts on the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

Great analysis from a great political communication scholar and debate coach! Go Dawgs! 

09/13/2016 10:05 AM by Hays Watson

The University of Georgia was recently ranked as the 18th best public university in the US News and World Report's most recent rankings.  That was a 3 spot jump from the prior year.  

This news comes on the heels of UGA's recent top rankings in Kiplinger's and Forbes.

More about the US News and World Report rankings can be read here:

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07/03/2016 06:52 AM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union was recently covered in UGA's school newspaper, the Red and Black.  

2015-16 was a very successful year for Georgia Debate and it's nice to see the great coverage and PR!