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11/13/2014 4:42 PM by Hays Watson

The team of Amy Feinberg (Canton, GA; public relations and international affairs) and Tucker Boyce (Alpharetta, GA; economics) recently won the Liberty University debate tournament in Lynchburg, Virginia.  

They defeated teams from Florida, West Georgia, Wake Forest, and Georgetown on their way to the championship.

10/09/2014 3:12 PM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union earned a highly-contested victory in our recent public debate versus the Oxford's Union Society.  Featuring debaters Chetan Hebbale and Eilidh Geddes and assistant coach Logan Gramzinski, the Georgia Debate Union defended the national security benefits of U.S. drone strikes.  

Additional coverage of the event - and of our history debating Oxford - can be found in coverage from the Athens Banner Herald:

Go Dawgs!

07/09/2014 1:10 PM by Hays Watson

UGA was recently ranked in the top 20 public universities by US News and World Reports. In its annual rankings, UGA joins UC-Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Texas, and University of Florida in the top 20.  

The full rankings can be found here:

Go Dawgs!

06/14/2014 3:36 PM by Hays Watson

The official start to the 2014 Georgia Debate Institutes begins tomorrow afternoon as kids from around Georgia and around the country - from New Mexico to Maryland, from Illinois to Florida - come to Athens to register for the 2 week policy camp.

06/14/2014 11:04 AM by Hays Watson

The pre-camp evidence packet for the two-week policy debate labs at the GDI are now available.  

Go to, find the "evidence/lectures" link on the left side of the screen, and click.  

05/19/2014 10:31 AM by Hays Watson

Here's a great article about the powerful educational benefits of debate from a fellow debater and debate coach! 

04/27/2014 09:31 AM by Hays Watson

On April 22, the Georgia Debate Union hosted its second annual Richard B. Russell Scholars debate featuring the four recipients of the debate team's most prestigeous debate scholarship.  

This year's debate focused on whether the president's war powers authority to use targeted killing against terrorists should be restricted. 

04/14/2014 6:54 PM by Hays Watson

The team of Amy Feinberg and Eilidh Geddes had a wondefully successful tournament at the recent Lafayette Debates held at George Washington University and sponsored by the French Embassy.  The team defeated teams from Georgetown, Ecole de Guerre, and the University of Houston (featuring a former NDT champion) in the preliminary rounds and defeated the U.S. Military Academy in the octofinal round.  

04/09/2014 08:08 AM by Hays Watson

The University of Georgia is about to head to Washington D.C. to participate in the Lafayette Debates hosted by George Washington University.  Two UGA debaters - Amy Feinberg and Eilidh Geddes - will be representing the team this weekend at the tournament.  

03/05/2014 2:55 PM by Hays Watson

The Georgia Debate Union, under Dr. Ed Panetta's leadership, qualified two teams to the 68th National Debate Tournament this year.  This marks the twenty-fifth straight year the University of Georgia has qualified teams to the national championship tournament.