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11/12/2010 4:11 PM by

Most teams, at least at the college level, are using a paperless system with Microsoft Word as the core technology.  And why not?  The software is ubiquitous, it is very easy to format text, and the macros represent a way to create custom commands necessary to build and execute a debate speech.

There are problems with using Microsoft Word as the primary method for storing and presenting evidence in debates. In my opinion, these problems are significant enough that further developing a paperless system without replacing Word represents a waste of valuable resources.

11/07/2010 11:40 PM by

As part of UGA’s continuing writing on technology and debate, I intent to briefly take stock of where we (Georgia and the broader debate community) are with regards to paperless debate, now that the experiment is roughly two and a half years old. These observations should not be read as a critique of paperless debate per say --- but as suggestions for improvement and predictions of where technology and debate will “evolve”. I’ve intentionally chosen to omit a discussion of open source because of its coverage elsewhere and the general complexity of the subject.

11/18/2009 11:53 AM by

In the debate community, we are starting to see a substantial transition to paperless debate. Unfortunately, many people in the community think paperless wastes time, delays debates, and gives an unfair advantage to the paperless team. However, teams that debate with paper can easily use the advantages paperless debate offers to maximize their ability to win more debates. Since the transition to paperless is occurring so rapidly, it is necessary that debaters utilize the advantages that paperless offers to the opposing teams.

11/18/2009 08:00 AM by

The introduction of paperless debating risks upsetting the current structure of reciprocal norm compliance as it creates new incentives for both paperless and paper teams to take actions that are in their favor at the detriment of their competitors.

11/08/2009 1:46 PM by

Files "losing" their macros after electronic transfer? Solution inside.

11/04/2009 3:06 PM by

Paperless debate has benefits beyond administrative and budget considerations. It is also a massive competitive boost for a debate team. Full argument after the jump.

10/19/2009 7:07 PM by

At the beginning of last summer, the Georgia Debate Union coaching staff made the decision to transition from traditional paper evidence to paperless debate.  There are a variety of reason to make this change, and it is enough of a commitment that having clear reasons is important to keep the project on track.  The purpose of this post is to outline our reasons for implementing paperless debate at UGA.  If you are trying to decide whether paperless is right for you or the debate team you are responsible for, perhaps this will help you decide.

10/14/2009 01:03 AM by

Highlight is the new underline. For paperless debate teams, its a must. Creating a highlighting macro in Word is easy and will save you hours of painstaking and tedious clicking. Instructions after the jump.

10/13/2009 11:48 PM by

Going paperless changes a lot more about debate than just what materials you bring to the tournament. Almost every facet of the activity—from argument conceptualization to evidence production to in-round execution—will eventually be revamped to harness the advantages and minimizes the limitations of purely electronic debating.